The Chinese Copy



So after the original U-Frame had been out for a while, I inadvertently joined a fairly exclusive club:

Some assholes in China copied my design...

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I have to be honest, I'm a little flattered. Aaron Cain gets copied. Danny Fowler gets copied.
I didn't expect to get my designs copied, but hey, every dog has his day...

And as expected, it's a complete piece of shit.
I bought one wholesale from the company that manufatcured them, before they started trying to sell them on eBay.
-It showed up misaligned, badly tuned, weak at 8 volts, scratched up paint, heavy as hell, cheap parts, etc. -everything you would expect.

closer look (QTVR)

-I now have a new hobby shutting down eBay auctions and flagging the user
accounts of unscrupulous assholes trying to make a quick buck
off of slave labor.

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