Bronze U-Frame


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This is the original concept that I came up with. With polished bronze, you can really see what I was trying to accomplish with the shape. There aren't any flat spots, no facets... the form just flows from point to point, encapsulating the mechanical parts of the machine in an elegant bronze form, using compound curves and saddles to provide structure where it needs to be, without any extraneous forms.

About the U-Frame:

The finished and assembled Bronze U-Frame weighs in at a hefty 10 - 10.5 ounces. (each machine is unique, so the weight can vary slightly from machine to machine.)

They can be run as liners, or shaders / color machines.

As liners, I run .020 springs, with a short top spring. Typical speeds of 120 - 135 naked (Depending on throw, you'll lose 5 - 10cps with a needle and rubber bands.) I usually run a pretty long throw for a liner, but not nearly as long as with my shaders. Typical voltage will be around 5 - 6 volts, with plenty of slap for 7's and 9's.

In a shader configuration, with .018 springs, They'll run between 100 - 115 cps naked (losing around 5-10 cps with a needle and some rubber bands). As a shader or color packer, I like to run a medium-long throw. Typical voltage for a punchy shader is around 6 - 6.5 volts.


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