Mini-U #32 and U-Frame #105



Here's a matched pair, a liner, and a shader, both with a blue candy-dipped paint job, and PBR can coil covers.

The Mini-U is a liner, and runs about 130 CPS at 6 volts, naked, 51%DC.

The U-Frame is a shader, and runs about 112 CPS at 6 volts, naked, 45%DC.

Both machines are painted using a five-step process: Metal etch primer, metallic base coat, and three coats of a two-part solvent resistant tinted clearcoat.

Coils are 1.25 inch T-tops (or 1" shorty T-top) wrapped in PBR cans, and sealed with a two-part solvent resistant laquer.

$450.00 plus $25.00 USPS Priority shipping

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