First Kiss


First Kiss is based on a story I heard many years ago. In Baja California, where Humpback whales go during the winter to calve their young, some strange behaviors were being observed. The cows were giving birth to healthy calves, then, after nudging them to the surface to breathe, and a few short swimming lessons, they would actually guide their calves up to the boats full of human observers, as if to introduce them to their neighbors on the surface. Large whales, especially humpbacks, have always intrigued me. Their brains are much larger and more complex than ours, and they have complex languages, social groups, and hunting behaviors. Most of our history with whales has been filled with carnage and exploitation, and many species, including the humpbacks, have been hunted to the brink of extinction. First kiss is a reflection of what I see as a growing attitude of respect and admiration for our giant neighbors in the sea.



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