The Claw


So I've been working at my other job for a while, to pay the bills, and Its taken forever to get these new machines going.
The Claw is a new machine I've been working on for a while, but since I moved out of Humboldt, got a new job, and started planning a wedding,
things have been too crazy to spend much time in the shop.
I still need to get this machine through the secondary mold process, so you're looking at the prototype...

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The Claw was an Idea I had for a while , but Scott Compton in Tennesee lit a fire under my ass to get started on it...
I've seen lots of other wing / claw / dragon / bat themed machines before, but not with a wrap-around 3-D sort of feel...
I also pulled a tricky little maneuver with the power contact. (The rear claw-spike is the power contact)

full-rez QTVR

I also changed the geometry of the machine on this one a little. After talking to some fans of Adam Ciferi's machines,
I decided to mimic his geometry a little bit: The spring shelf is pushed back, to allow for a wide spring gap without chopping the A-bar.
Depending on how I configure it, I can get some nice slow CPS numbers out of the frame, so it makes for a nice slow shader / black & gray machine.
I can put some stiff springs on it, and get liner performance out of it, but the claw is really best suited for shaders, and B&G work...

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