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Chewie Mini-U Barnacle Bill U-Frame Stabby Stan

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I came to tattoo machines from the metal sculpture world,
and I wanted to make machines that were totally different from everything else out there.
Once the mechanical aspects are figured out, I get to play around with the aesthetics of the frames,
and hopefully create some really crazy-looking stuff.

QTVR Gallery

The most important part of any tattoo machine is the mechanism that it supports.
I use my own spring designs, water-jet cut (not stamped) from top quality spring stock (not banding strap).
I hand-turn all my own brass hardware.
I cast my own frames one-at-a-time, from museum grade (Herculloy UNS C87610) bronze.
Each machine is outfitted with Crowknows coil cores and A-bars. (He's the best in the business, as far as I can tell.)
I hand-wind and cover my coils, and coat them with a two-part solvent-resistant laquer clearcoat.

As far as warranties go: I back my craftsmanship 100%.
I'll replace coils, springs, contacts, or anything else that fails on a machine, for life.
I can get away with a lifetime guarantee because most real tattoo artists won't hit me up for free springs after years of flawless performance from a machine. -They'll buy new ones, or buy a new machine from me.
Most of the people that buy my machines know tattoo machines inside and out, and understand that parts wear out.
Regardless, my machines are built to use, and built to last.
If any screwup leaves my shop, I'll fix it. Free. Forever.

The chinese copied my frame!!

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